Before a Brownie makes her promise she must have a full uniform.

She needs to have an official Brownie t-shirt, a jacket/gilet and trousers.  She will not be allowed to wear any other casual clothes. Girls with longer hair MUST wear it tied back in a ponytail. Girls should wear trainers to weekly meetings (no boots, sandals or flip flops).

There are various types available such as short or long sleeved t-shirts, a zip up Brownie hoodie/gilet, cargo trousers or lycra trousers. Shorts are available for the warmer weather.

Only Official Uniform will be allowed to be worn.

If you have any questions as to which we would recommend then please ask.  Brownies also require a sash which will be needed for her promise we suggest you purchase this when ordering her uniform. Uniforms can be ordered through our unit. We would require a cheque with your order and delivery can be anything up to 4 weeks, so please bare this in mind when ordering.