Brownie Enrolment

Usually within the first term that a girl is in Brownies she will be ‘enrolled’ into Brownies.  This involves her making her promise to Brown Owl and being welcomed into Brownies.

It is a big night for any 7 – 9 year old, so parents and family will be invited to come and see their daughter get enrolled. You are welcome to bring cameras to record this special occasion.

Before the night, your daughter will have to learn both the Brownie promise and the Brownie law. All of this will be explained in Brownie meetings, but we ask that you help your daughter to learn these for her Promise ceremony.

Screenshot 2017-06-18 22.25.10.pngOn the enrolment night your daughter will receive a number of badges.  These need to be sewn onto her sash as quickly as possible, we cannot replace lost badges I’m sorry. Please see our page ‘Layout of the Sash’ for information about the correct positioning of the badges.